Sponsored EDT Driving Lesson Programs

  • No Car?
  • No Insurance?

Our sponsored EDT Lesson package will help you to start driving and get your test


If you don't have your own car or can't afford the insurance, Top Gear School of Motoring can help.

We offer a sponsored EDT package which not only gives you the 12 lessons that you are required to do by law, but also allows you a further 12 practice lessons in our car where you can practice and perfect your driving skills.

The real advantage of this package is that you can learn to drive and get some practice without having to have your own car or insurance where we look after your insurance for those 12 hours while accompanied by one of our instructors.

If you would like to avail of our sponsored EDT program.  We offer a 24 lesson package (12 EDT lessons and 12 practice lessons) which can be paid for in 3 instalments of €250 (or 3 instalments of €320 if you want to take the lessons at night or weekends).

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