When you think about driving a car, do you feel:

Anxious, Scared or Frightened?

Hi, I’m Des O’ Neill and I’m the Driving Coach who will help you to drive away your fear and find a way to drive.

Does the thought of driving a car: Shake you to your core. Do you feel sick to your stomach. Have you had palpations. Shortness of breath or Sweaty palms, when faced with the thought of sitting in the driving seat.

Being unable to drive really holds you back:  –  It stops you driving to the shops, going on driving holidays, picking up the kids from school. Maybe, if you had your licence, you’d land that dream job.

Do you feel your life is on hold?

Did you know up to 20% of the population experience anxiety or phobias. Just consider now for a moment if you were able to let go of the fear and it was gone:  Would you feel comfortable about driving then. As a Driving Instructor for many years, I help clients leave their fears behind and I do this through the tools of positive psychology.

If you would like to overcome your fear of driving book a 1 hour zoom call with me and I will help to get you back behind the wheel.